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TIL+ is an initiative from The Information Lab to help NGOs and nonprofits make sense of their data. We strongly believe in sharing our expertise with data to help drive social change. From cleaning messy spreadsheets, to building informative dashboards, we support organisations make crucial data-based decisions and achieve their socially-driven goals.

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While data sits at the heart of many business decisions, the nonprofit sector often lacks the technical skills to leverage the power of their data. TIL+ provides those technical skills PRO BONO to support where resources are low. Our volunteers find working with nonprofits incredibly rewarding and are eager to help the charity sector impact change with data.


“Visualising Hope’s FGM data in Tableau was amazing, and inspires us to do more!”

Janet Chapman

Founder, Crowd2map


193 Member States of the United Nations came together in 2015 and made a universal promise to Leave No One Behind. In 2016, Project Everyone, UNDP and the United Nations Foundation came together to do what they could to honor that promise, launching Global Goals Week. The week brings together governments, businesses, individuals, international organizations, civil society, and others during the UN General Assembly in September to help accelerate SDG action. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.


The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Bank is a grass roots, community initiative giving hygiene, personal care, and household cleaning products to those of us who need them across the UK. The Hygiene Bank wanted to ensure that it was locating it’s dropoff and pickup points in places where the need was highest. We created a visualization that maps the location of their current sites onto the government’s information on local area deprivation. We helped identify where The Hygiene Bank can add or move sites to optimize their operations and empowered them to bring evidence-based information to donors. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.



FGM stands for Female Genital Mutilation, this is the ritual cutting or removal of some or all of the external female genitalia. The 1998 Tanzanian Special Provision Act prohibits FGM. However, this does not prevent it from still happening. Many girls at risk of FGM in Tanzania are in unmapped rural villages making them hard to find and protect. Janet, founder of Crowd2Map has been working hard with activists such as Hope for Girls and Women Tanzania to put these villages on the map. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.


Operation Fistula

Obstetric fistula is a devastating injury that occurs during childbirth when a woman has experienced a prolonged obstructed labour and has no access to safe, timely obstetric care. Operation Fistula’s work delivers tools designed to fix the broken systems that fail women, and that limit progress in the work to end fistula. TIL+ has been working with Operation Fistula for many years and has collaborated on many projects. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.


Citizen 4 Change

Citizens 4 Change addresses the issue of violence against children in East Africa by building a community of citizen protectors who do the right thing by children and young people. The community provides the protectors with knowledge, support and competence to make decisions that are in children’s best interests. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.


The Gambian Education Ministry

The Gambian Education Ministry provides basic and secondary education services in the country. They play a key role in equipping children with crucial skills which will make them fully-functioning members of society and able to contribute to the success and development of the country. Click ‘More’ to learn more about the project outcome and our partnership.


Meningitis Research Foundation

Meningitis Research Foundation is an award-winning charity working in the UK and internationally to defeat meningitis and septicaemia. Their role is to support research into, advocate for and take action towards defeating meningitis and septicaemia.



The E-axes Forum is an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization on macroeconomic policies and sustainability.


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