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The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Bank is a grass roots, community initiative giving hygiene, personal care & household cleaning products to those of us who need them across the UK.

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What do they do

The Hygiene Bank’s mission is to bring communities together by providing essential products to those of us locked in poverty. Basic hygiene is a social justice issue. It’s not a privilege to feel clean and we all deserve a life with dignity. The Hygiene Bank fosters local networks, including drop-off and pick-up points, where hygiene products can be exchanged.

How we helped

The Hygiene Bank wanted to ensure that it was locating it’s dropoff and pickup points in places where the need was highest. We created a visualisation that maps the location of their current sites onto the government’s information on local area deprivation. We helped identify where The Hygiene Bank can add or move sites to optimise their operations and empowered them to bring evidence-based information to donors.


Organisation: The Hygiene Bank

Partnership start date: 2020

Region: United Kingdom

Software: Tableau

Website: https://thehygienebank.com