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The Gambian Education Ministry

Provide basic and secondary education services in The Gambia.

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What do they do

The Gambian Education Ministry provides basic and secondary education services in the country. They play a key role in equipping children with crucial skills which will make them fully-functioning members of society and able to contribute to the success and development of the country.

How we helped

Education in The Gambia has seen a great improvement in the last decade. To help the Ministry maintain an upward trend, we examined the historic data and created an interactive visualisation displaying key performance indicators such as school enrolment and completion rates. Looking into demographic and regional differences allowed the Board to identify current success areas and opportunities for progress with better precision.

What was the project feedback?

“Working with TIL was great. They helped us visualize our historical data in much better ways, and conditioned it to transfer it to our new data systems by helping us understand why and how we can clean it up. They also provided us with some training on how Tableau works.”


Organisation: The Gambian Education Ministry

Partnership start date: September 2019

Region: Africa

Software: Tableau

Website: http://www.edugambia.gm