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The E-axes Forum is an independent nonprofit, nonpartisan research organisation on macroeconomic policies and sustainability.

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What do they do

The Forum is dedicated to aggregating knowledge from around the globe with the aim to catalyze the engagement of economists and decision-makers who are working on policies towards achieving a sustainable economy. Towards this goal, the Forum hosts a twice-monthly webinars with academics and central bankers who are working on climate change mitigation policies. The Forum also provides a proprietary collaboration platform for scholars to showcase their research as well as debate current issues in climate economics. The E-axes Forum recently launched a framework that allows economists and policymakers to track the development of theoretic work on climate economics as well as the evolution and effectiveness of monetary and financial policies aimed at climate change risk mitigation.

How we helped

TIL supported the E-axes Forum in building a visual database of monetary and financial policies aimed at greening the financial system and implemented by central banks and supervisory institutions from around the world. The team at TIL organized a large set of data into a clear and concise visualization map which allows users to get a comprehensive view of national policies, compare these policies across jurisdictions and evaluate their effectiveness.


Organisation: E-AXES

Partnership start date: 2021

Region: Global

Software: Tableau

Website: https://e-axes.com