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Citizen 4 Change

Citizen 4 Change is a community of citizens in East Africa building safe and inclusive societies for children and youth.

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What do they do

Citizens 4 Change addresses the issue of violence against children in East Africa by building a community of citizen protectors who do the right thing by children and young people. The community provides the protectors with knowledge, support and competence to make decisions that are in children’s best interests. The innovation of Citizens 4 Change is in the development of a bespoke tech platform that communicates with and collects data from the mass of citizen protectors. Through this, Citizens for Change and its partners can catalyse, tap into and learn from the wisdom of the crown, who are striving to end violence against children.

How we helped

The Data School / TIL+ has assisted Citizens 4 Change in building dashboards that surface information from their mobile survey platform. From data acquisition, to pipeline design, to visualization, members of the Data School have consulted and assisted C4C to provide accurate, insightful, and engaging visualizations that are accessible to a wide, multilingual audience.


Organisation: Citizen 4 Change

Partnership start date: 2018

Region: Africa

Software: Tableau & Alteryx

Website: https://citizens4change.net