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We love both the Tableau and Alteryx communities, it’s why we try to give back just as much as we take. All our development projects are here, ready for you to make use of right now. And the best part…they’re all free!

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TabCommunicate was created for one simple purpose…to encourage everyone to code, to create awesome apps & scripts to work with the Tableau Server’s REST API.

Available for free on Windows, Mac and directly in the browser. Even with no developer or API experience you too can play with Tableau’s REST API and kick start your company’s next integration.

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Tableau Extensions

We don’t just want your dashboard to be great, we want to super charge it!

With Tableau 2018.2 extensions can now be added to dashboards both using Desktop and in your browser. While this is still a brand new feature and we’ve jump started what’s available to the Tableau community. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer…

Tableau Server Housekeeping

Tableau Server practically runs itself, however it’s always a good idea to make sure you take regular backups & keep your log files tidy. Our resident server guru Jonathan MacDonald has created the scripts you need to take the guesswork out of your Server housekeeping tasks.

Windows Server 2018.2 & newer  Windows Server pre 2018.2 


Linux Server 
Alteryx Macros Alteryx Macros
Normalize Columns
Get Gender
Plot Network
Get Google Directions
Cognitive Services Text Translation
Working Day Time Difference
Image Input
Get Twitter Friends
Get Twitter Followers
Regex Tranpose
Input Password Protected XLSX
Output Password Protected XLSX
Append In-DB
Publish Tableau Workbook
Drop on NULL
PDF Input
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Mapping in Tableau should never be difficult, even when it comes to finding the mapping data you need to match your data.

With TableauMapping.bi the world’s mapping data is at your fingertips, easily accessed via Tableau’s Web Data Connector. Want to contribute? Awesome! Simply create yourself an account and you can share your mapping data with the rest of the Tableau community.

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