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TC20-ish Round Up

TC looked a little different this year in a number of ways. First off it was entirely virtual. That’s right, you could attend from the comfort of your own home and align the sessions to work around your schedule with greater ease than ever before. No more dashing through the crowds between talks, just leisurely strolling to your kitchen to make another tea or coffee.

What’s more, it was completely free which opened the doors to over 100,000 registrations. Just think, the majority of attendees were probably first timers, perhaps even brand new to Tableau. What a fantastic opportunity!

Whilst we may have missed catching up with members of the #datafam in person, there were still plenty of ways to network and discuss all things data. The Brain Dates from last year’s conference seamlessly transitioned to an online format, allowing connections across timezones, but without the effort of travelling. Even the spectacle Iron Viz was undiminished by its virtual format.

There was no shortage of content either, with 4 different channels streaming across the 3 days. Whether you were keen to catch up on the gossip of the latest features in Tableau, or looking for a broader context on building a data culture, the sessions were well grouped for you to find what you were looking for. But what if you had a clash of schedules and missed a talk you were hoping to learn from? What if all your colleagues are raving about a talk you missed? Never fear, all the sessions are available online to catch up on! 

But where to start?

Thankfully, at the Information Lab, we decided to capture everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the talks they attended. We’ve collated that into a dashboard so it’s immediately obvious which sessions we think you should catch up on right away! For those just beginning their Tableau journey, The Most Favourited Viz on Tableau Public gives a great introduction on how to find inspiration and make your first vizzes in Tableau. Looking for something a bit more Advanced? How Developers Help YOU Get it Done: The DataDev Magic is our top recommended advanced talk for automation and integration. 

Explore the viz to find the highlights of TC20 that you may have missed and relive the magic of the conference. Seeing as all the sessions are under half an hour, I’m sure you can justify that learning investment!

Click here to go to the viz

Jenny Martin


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