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Tableau Prep Up & Running by Carl Allchin

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For self-service data preparation, Tableau Prep is relatively easy to use–as long as you know how to clean and organize your datasets. Carl Allchin, from The Information Lab in London, gets you up to speed on Tableau Prep through a series of practical lessons that include methods for preparing, cleaning, automating, organizing, and outputting your datasets.

Based on Allchin’s popular blog, Preppin’ Data, this practical guide takes you step-by-step through Tableau Prep’s fundamentals. Self-service data preparation reduces the time it takes to complete data projects and improves the quality of your analyses. Discover how Tableau Prep helps you access your data and turn it into valuable information.

Know what to look for when you prepare data

Learn which Tableau Prep functions to use when working with data fields

Analyze the shape and profile of your dataset

Output data for analysis and learn how Tableau Prep automates your workflow

Learn how to clean your dataset using Tableau Prep functions

Explore ways to use Tableau Prep techniques in real-world scenarios

Make your data available to others by managing and documenting the output

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