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Tableau 2020.1: Viz Animations

Viz animations are a new feature in Tableau 2020.1, now we can have fancy bars in motion.

So what are viz animations good for?

Viz animations are very useful for conveying movement, or a change. They make it much easier to follow the transition between sorts (seen in the gif above), or the movement of marks over time.

By default, new workbooks made in 2020.1 will have animations turned on, and old workbooks will have them turned off.

If you want to find the settings for animations, they can be found under the ‘Format‘ drop down.

You will then see the animations pane pop up on the left hand side.

Here you can turn animations on and off for either the entire workbook, or just for specific sheets, adjust the speed of animation, and choose the style of animation.

What does duration change?

The duration drop down controls the speed of the animation which the time it takes Tableau to complete the transition. There are 4 presets, though you can create specific timings with the Custom option. This lets you set the time between 0.1 – 10 seconds.

What does Style change?

This menu might be less intuitive. Essentially this has to do with how Tableau handles the transitions and “renders” the frames. When you have lots of elements on a chart, Tableau renders the movement in steps. For example, if you have a bar chart, that changes the sort order, and there is a colour involved, Tableau will render each part separately. The resizing of the bars is one step, order of the bars is another, the changing of the colours is another.

If you wanted to have those steps occur at the same time for a faster/more fluid animation then you want Style to be set to Simultaneous. If you want to stagger the information displayed, and give more context to the transition then you would want to try Sequential. It just depends on what you want to emphasise!

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