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A Closer look at TC19 Devs On Stage

It’s been 2 weeks since TC19…have you watched all the recordings yet? There’s over 370 of them and at an average of say 40 mins per video that means about 240 hours of content…so if the answer is yes I have a follow up question: when do you sleep?!

Playlist: Tableau Conference 2019

Hopefully one of the first recordings you watched was the amazing Devs on Stage keynote where Tableau’s developers give us a view on what they’re working on and most excited about releasing into the product.

As a reminder here’s everything that was revealed (thanks for the collection Chris):

After watching the keynote I couldn’t help having a play around with some of them and so I kicked off a video series on The Information Lab’s YouTube channel. If you’re already a subscriber you’ve probably way ahead of this blog post and you can go back to getting through those TC19 recordings. If not then first thing’s first…hit subscribe so you don’t miss out in the future.

Now…let’s take a closer look at 6 of the new feature releases that excited me and hopefully you the most:

  • Dynamic Parameters
  • Animations
  • Spatial Buffer
  • Data Model
  • Set Membership Control
  • Tableau Prep Level of Detail Calculations

Dynamic Parameters

Preview, not currently available

First Look at Dynamic Parameters in Tableau Desktop


Available as a special beta release from https://prerelease.tableau.com

Animations, Viz Value or Eye Candy?

Spatial Buffer

Preview, not currently available

Well BUFFER me sideways! More spatial capabilities coming to Tableau

Data Model

Available as a special beta release from https://prerelease.tableau.com

Use your Noodle! It's the new Data Model!

Set Membership Control

Preview, not currently available

You put one set value in, you take one set value out, in, out, in, out and viz it all about

Tableau Prep Level of Detail Calculations

Preview, not currently available

Level Up with LoD in Tableau Prep

Craig Bloodworth

York, UK

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