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Tableau Server housekeeping made easy – Linux Edition

A few years ago, I write a blog about automating the processes involved in keeping a Tableau Server well maintained and backed up. This blog included a link to a Windows batch script that backed up the server, archived log files, and ran a cleanup task, as well as deleting old backups and log archives to avoid filling up all your storage.

With the introduction of Tableau Server on the Linux operating system, I have re-written this script in bash. You can find the script on my github page. I have included instructions in the scripts themselves, so it should all be fairly self-explanatory, but hit me up on twitter if you have any feedback or questions, or if you just want to say hi.


Jonathan MacDonald

London, UK

4 thoughts on “Tableau Server housekeeping made easy – Linux Edition

  1. I think there is a small mistake in the script:

    tsm maintenance backup -f $backupname -d …….


  2. Also i would suggest to add an error checking when doing the ziplogs or backup in the script because we’ve lost 4 months of data and logs because the backup didn’t work anymore after october 2018 and we didn’t know. We ended up having no logs and no backup since then so Support couldn’t help me fixing. We had to uninstall and install tableau with the October data.

    After tsm maintenance ziplogs and backup commands i have added:
    if [ $? -eq 0 ] ; then
    echo “Success”
    echo “Tableau Server Backup FAILED!” | mail -s “TABLEAU Backup failed!” anyemail@blablabla.com
    exit 1

    So now we should know if the backup has any error and we can check then.

  3. Hi Jonathan –

    I was interested in taking a look at the Linux scripts mentioned in your article. Unfortunately, when I select the link to your github page it returns a 404 error code. Do you have another location where I can download the scripts?


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