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Understanding Tableau – Creating More Advanced Charts

I recently ran a very well attended webinar, part of a series of Webinars run by The Information Lab Zen Masters. I focused on the fundamentals of Tableau and how to fully understand what Tableau is doing. I recommend watching it whatever level of Tableau you are at as I feel these fundamentals are rarely covered in most training classes or the self-learning process.

My intention was to go away and write a blog post to explain these fundamentals but, on reflection, I think watching a video is really the only way of following and understanding the process I go through as I build out charts.

The videos below show the main webinar and an Appendum which talks through trigonometry and radial chart types and padding in detail. You can find the workbook containing all these visualisations here: Workbook link

Tableau Zen Master Webinar Series Part IV from The Information Lab

Appendum Tableau Zen Master Webinar IV from The Information Lab

Chris Love

Nottingham, UK

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