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Tricky Tuesday Round 2

Previously I gave you my first round of tips. I will now share my second round of tips.


  1. Calendar and Fiscal Start Date

Making a calendar in Tableau is easier than people think. A calendar can be useful to show the peaks in the month. This handy little trick also shows you how to change fiscal start date and day of the week.


2. Swapping Metrics

This trick also uses parameters. The difference being this parameter gives the uses a chance to select a different metric. This can be good for scatter plots as two parameters can be used to allow different metrics to be used and compared against. Tip Courtesy of Carl Allchin.


3. Sort by Parameter

For those that attended the Tableau User Group will know there is an easier way to do this, by just clicking the sort button at the top. However if you would like to know how to set that sort manually, then this video will help you.

HINT: Don’t try new things whilst doing a live demo.


4. Collapsing Containers

This trick uses containers and parameters. This can be used in a number of ways. This specific way allows the user to select a different chart type. You could use this to switch between the dreaded table and the more visual graph (set the visual graph as default)


5. Dynamic Colour Legend

On the previous video, I showed you how to use a parameter to switch between sheets. Now if you go back you can see that the legend disappears whenever I change sheets. We don’t want that. This trick shows you how to create a dynamic colour legend.


More to come next week!

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