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RegEx In Practice Using Alteryx

Ever wanted to grab all the URL links from a web page? Do you need to check for valid dates in an Excel document? Perhaps you need to split out a telephone number in to area code and local number? Well, there is a way…

Regular Expressions (or RegEx) provides a means for identifying patterns in a text which we can then dissect in one of four methods (replace, tokenize, parse & match).

There are plenty of great resources online to learn RegEx (see links below). However, if like me you prefer to just get hands on with learning new things and like to learn from seeing something in action, then download the Alteryx workflow below that contains some common use cases and examples of RegEx.

This isn’t designed to be an intro in to RegEx nor a complete user guide to RegEx, it is merely here to provide some examples of common use cases for you to explore, tweak and utilise.

Download Regex Examples Workflow


Useful Regex Links:

Alteryx KnowledgeBase – Regex

RegEx Tutorial

RegEx Buddy

Learn & Build RegEx

RegEx Cheat Sheet

RegEx Generator


Brian Prestidge

Manchester, UK

3 thoughts on “RegEx In Practice Using Alteryx

  1. Any chance you can self-host or post your Alteryx workbook to the Alteryx Community? Large enterprises like mine block cloud services like Google drive and dropbox

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