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Creating Polygons Of Any Image In Tableau

Ever wanted to create polygon shapes in Tableau of an image file that you have?

Need to turn that building floorpan into a polygon viz so you can use colour to visualise the number of people in the building at any one time? Does creating custom shapes not give you enough flexibility?

Well, the video below shows you how you can turn your image file in to polygons in Tableau.

There is just one caveat that I’ll put out there before you watch, my method uses Adobe Illustrator & Alteryx (although the Alteryx part could be done manually if you really like to do things the hard way!).

Creating Polygons For Tableau From Any Image

Click here for the Alteryx Workflow I used in the video.

Brian Prestidge

Manchester, UK

8 thoughts on “Creating Polygons Of Any Image In Tableau

  1. Very cool technique Brian. Luckily I have all 3 of the tools required to try this out. I just need to get better at Illustrator

  2. Very impressive. Great outside the box thinking on coming up with the data source, too. I can think of several applications for this. Thanks for sharing.

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