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Tableau: Good to Great; Comparing easily over Quarters.

Hi again. I had a question this week from a user that I thought it was worth posting about. The question related to how to create a chart like this:

Comparing across Quarters


Follow the video below to see how you can use Index() to create this chart.

Comparing across Quarters

Chris Love

Nottingham, UK

4 thoughts on “Tableau: Good to Great; Comparing easily over Quarters.

  1. Great video Chris. I am curious about why there are about 35 days/quarter across the bottom though. I did this myself, and it seems like the index() is counting the number of sales in a quarter rather than the number of days. Is that true?

    1. If you want to show the number of days as 90 in the axis , add month in the level of detal and in the table calculation of index(), use day and month as addressing fields ,and quarters as partioning field

  2. Hi Chris,

    Great video, thanks for this.
    I have a question regarding showing days in quarter.
    Your chart shows only 30/32 days in quarter in x-axis.
    I would like to show +- 90 days in quarter but want to keep the sales line continuous so it does not break off at monthly intervals.
    Any suggestions ?

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