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Tableau For Sport – Show Your True Colours

Ok, so this is a little freebie for you all, custom colour palettes with the first, second and third colours of all English Premier League football teams:


EPL Custom Colour Palette


Custom Colours



All you have to do is locate your ‘Preferences.tds’ file in the ‘My Tableau Repository’ folder (default location is in your ‘Documents’ directory), copy and paste the text in the linked file above in to your ‘Preferences.tps’ file between the preferences tags (<preferences> and </preferences>) just like below:


Step 2



And you’re done! Re-open Tableau Desktop and now when you have a discrete field on your ‘Color’ mark and go to edit colours you will see you have three new colour palettes to choose from that contain the first, second and third, colours of each EPL team from the 2015/16 season (note: the order of the colours is the same order they are in the ‘Preferences.tds’ file – in this case, alphabetical).



Step 3a    Step 3b



Now, you may argue ‘that’s not my team’s colours!’ or ‘that’s our third colour not our second!’ and my answer to that is ‘I don’t care!’



How Dare I Be So Rude?


There’s a reason why I say that I don’t care, and that reason is this: It’s so easy to create your own custom colour palette in Tableau that if you don’t agree with mine, then create your own – it really is that simple.


So let’s get started:


Create a custom color palette


And we’re done!


Ok, so I cheated a little bit. The link above is to Tableau’s knowledge base article called ‘Create a Custom Color Palette’.

Why recreate the Lionel Messi of blog posts when the original is so good anyway!

That’s always been one of my favourite aspects about Tableau and Tableau users, it is a community that is so passionate about how Tableau can help each and every one of us, that the support from other Tableau users is the best I have ever come across with any system/solution.

Brian Prestidge

Manchester, UK

One thought on “Tableau For Sport – Show Your True Colours

  1. Thank you for this – will be very useful for an end of season viz I’m planning. Can’t help notice that in the graphic they seem to be in some kind of predicted finishing order – perhaps one or two of them were just a little out?! 😉

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