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Tableau: Good to Great; Sorting on Table Calculations

For my next tip in this series I wanted to turn to a great tip that every Tableau user needs to know, how to sort based on a Table Calculation, there’s some detail here http://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/sorting-by-fields-with-table-calculations but refer to the video below to see the tip in action.


Sorting by Table Calculations

Chris Love

Nottingham, UK

6 thoughts on “Tableau: Good to Great; Sorting on Table Calculations

  1. Thanks for sharing this great tip.

    I do not believe that you can apply this method to a table calculation sort on a map with pie charts can you?

    I have been unable to come up with a way to sort my pie charts on a map with each pie chart sorted in descending order from largest to smallest slice.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  2. Great tip !! Now I have to find a tip for making a table calculation on the filter shelf, filter across multiple worksheets.

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