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Bite-sized Tips , Tricks and Tutorial videos for Tableau and Alteryx

Remember that time where your colleague showed you some really simple trick in Tableau and it turned out to be so super helpful you now use it in all your workbooks? Remember those few clicks of the mouse the instructor made on that Alteryx training day you attended that you just knew would be able to solve a whole host of work problems you had?

We do.

Collectively we have had so many of these moments at The Information Lab, we just can’t help ourselves from showing each other again and again. We really, really want to share as many of these with you as possible so this post is part of a new series that will link to short videos showing mini tips and tricks for Tableau and Alteryx. Watch one a day, watch them on the commute, watch them all at once, watch them on the toilet, it’s your choice!

See the list of videos below, or subscribe to our YouTube channel!


Tableau Videos


Formatting and fancy viz types

connected scatter
Connected scatterplots

How to build these cool, story-telling type vizzes in Tableau.

conditional formatting
Advanced conditional formatting

Here’s a nice tip on using a simple calculation to extend your ability to format.

sorting tablecalc
Sorting by table calculations or blended fields

Wonder how to sort on a table calculation in Tableau? Here’s how.



Lesser spotted functionality

left right drag
Left vs. Right Drag

What different behaviours do you get when using the Left and Right mouse buttons in Tableau?

drag assign colour
Drag and assign colours

A few nice-to-know features of the Colour assignments you may have missed in Tableau.

copy paste filter
Copy and paste into Filters

Quickly populate custom filter lists using this tip.

primary aliases
Primary Aliases

Here we go through how to populate Aliases from a secondary source.



Alteryx Videos


Tools in the spotlight

block until done
Block until done tool

Shows the functionality of this tool including its ability to process your module "streams" in an order you specify

Browse tool

Just how much IS there to learn about the Browse tool? Lots, as it turns out!


An overview of how to use containers to document and segment workflow in Alteryx



Property window gems and other useful options

Wireless connectors

How to use Wireless Connectors in Alteryx if your canvas looks like a spiders lair

connection progress
Showing connection progress

Need to see your data volumes in Alteryx permanently on the data flow, this short tip shows you how.



Frequently applied genius

Caching using YXDB datasets

Test your module without spooling all the data from csv or hitting the source database each time with this tip.

unusual formatting
Dealing with unusual formatting

Sometimes the data you receive is in a bad shape and needs some attention, Alteryx is more than up to the job.


That’s it for now! But we’re not done, oh no, there’s plenty more coming!! If you have a tip you’d like to see glorified in cinema, or even if you want to contribute a video yourself, please get in touch! info@theinformationlab.co.uk

Robin Kennedy

London, UK

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