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Photographic Composition and its applications to Data Visualisation

I’ve long been a keen photographer, though these days I’m more likely to be seen in front of a data visualisation than behind the camera. An appreciation of both “arts” led me to write this blog post about the parallels between the “rules” involved in the composition of each.

Creating a Javascript Webpage Blogpost

Before I sat down to write this post about photography and data visualisation then I thought carefully about the format of the message i wanted to get across. A blog post would be effective, but with so many nice images and visualisations to show I wanted something…prettier.

I therefore started to explore Javascript and HTML. I’m not a developer, that’s why I use Tableau and Alteryx but I have dabbled building websites and coding in the past so, while I haven’t done this in a while I thought I might give it a try. Certainly from the content Russell Christopher showed at the Tableau Conference this year then Javascript is the place to knock up some delightful looking sites: see his post here for some examples: http://tableaulove.tumblr.com/post/97245911540/you-did-what-with-the-javascript-api-location-and

And so I set out exploring his examples, and also some other javascript plugins. I finally settled on using a page slider plugin pagePiling JS Plugin and combined this with the Tableau JS API. This “combining” was relatively easy – I just used the share button on Tableau Public Visualisations and copied / tweaked the code from there.

Code for Viz

See the code for yourself in Github here – feel free to copy it but please don’t consider it production ready, it’s hacked together. All in all the process was quite easy, the sharing facility above made it easy and for so by hacking the existing demo for pagePiling I was able to start adding visualisations and images easily. All in all from my experience Tableau make it easy to start playing with the Javascript API and experiementing – see their page for details.

The Result

Click on the image below to navigate to the webpages and work through the main content of this post. It should work on mobile but may not be suited to smaller laptop screen resolutions.

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