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Dynamically show/hide worksheets on dashboards in Tableau

In the data analysis process we soon get to the point of diving deep into the details, beyond the topline information we started from. Narrowing the analysis span from high level to the details is the so called ’drill-down’.

So this post is in fact a story of drill-downs

The following Tableau story tells more about the drill-down and more importantly about a very useful feature of Tableau that perfectly supports this concept. This is Tableau’s ability to dynamically show/hide worksheets on dashboards, hence laying down the analytical route for the report users. What is ’dynamic’? It means that the user’s interactions with the dashboard determine what is shown and what is hidden in the view.

We will see different solutions for this dynamic show/hide as well as some theory behind its application.

And now, the story…

To follow the story please click on the image below.


Image - Dynamically show-hide Tableau blog

One thought on “Dynamically show/hide worksheets on dashboards in Tableau

  1. Hello team,

    How can I dynamically display a sheet into a dashboard based in the user filter (or calculated field with the USERNAME() ) so if one user access the dashboard in Tableau server he/she sees some sheets and if another user with a different hierarchical position access the same dashboard he/she sees some other sheets in the dashboard?
    I already have the dashboard filter the data based in the user filter.

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