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The National Student Survey visualised in Tableau

Recently I used the powers of Alteryx to make National Student Survey (NSS) results available as a Tableau .tde.  Then I thought I would use the data set to create a viz.

I decided I wanted to create an explorer viz: where users could navigate their own way through the data. My end user in mind was a student who might soon be applying to University and wondering where to study. Users can see a league table of institutions, with the option to narrow down by subject group and/or subject. Hovering over an institution then brings up the option to see the results in more detail. And lastly you can then compare the detailed results with a second institution.

[click image to go to viz]
[click image to go to viz]
If you’re wondering how I was able to map the institutions, I did this by finding a data source online of HE names and postcodes and then using Alteryx to join these to my original data set. Then I joined a set of full UK postcodes with latitudes and longitudes (available from our Tableau mapping site) and output to .tde.  If anyone is interested in the mechanics of this, please get in touch. Or maybe that could be another blog post… Of course if you want the data set with postcodes you can download the viz from Tableau Public and create your own analysis. If you do, please post a link to your work in the comments!


Emma Whyte

London, UK

3 thoughts on “The National Student Survey visualised in Tableau

  1. Good visualisation, thanks, and interesting data but I found the colour scheme confusing, think it would be easier to see if it was only one colour – light to dark. My initial thought was that the size of the circles was related to the ranking rather than the number of respondents, so confusion when looking at the map trying to see which university was good as opposed to which had the largest number of respondents

    Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the comments Nigel. I’ll keep them in mind if I do a version 2. I tend to pick orange/blue when colouring using a measure as it’s easiest to see or useful if any viewers are colour blind. But I take your point about the circle size, I can see that might be confusing.

  2. Really nice Emma. One thing I would suggest will be to introduce another level into the data source or create groups within tableau to categorise the institutions. There are a lot of FE colleges and university colleges in there which muddy the waters a bit. You could initially divide them into Mainstream Universities and University Colleges then further by the group they belongto i.e Russell Group Million+ etc and also introduce some grouping by region.

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