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Tableau Mapping Monday

The Challenge

Produce as many mapping datasets for tableaumapping.bi as possible in 1 day!

Since The Information Lab launched tableaumapping.bi we’ve been inundated with requests for Tableau polygon datasets from around the world. So much so within a month of launching the site it was clear its original aim of hosting EMEA mapping data just wasn’t going to be enough and we expanded it to cover the rest of the world. Getting through the backlog is going to take some work, a full day’s worth to be exact. So on Monday 25th November an intrepid team of GIS enthusiasts will do just that and more.

The Team

Adam Riley, Alteryx
Adam Riley

Allan Walker, Utah State University @AllanWalkerIT
Allan Walker
Utah State University

Craig Bloodworth, The Information Lab @craigbloodworth
Craig Bloodworth
The Information Lab

Getting Involved

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the world is quite big! And each country tends to have a lot of different mapping needs. This is where you come in, tell us what you’d like to see added to tableaumapping.bi and we’ll add it to the list. You can do this in a number of ways…

1. Tweet the hashtag #tableaumapping

2. Mention one of us in a tweet

3. Use the repository’s contact us form

However you get in contact be sure to be very clear with exactly what you’re after along with any supporting documents, websites, shapefiles, etc. you think may help.

Following Progress

Be sure to follow each of us on Twitter to see how we’re getting on. You can also track the hashtag #tableaumapping below and of course keep an eye on tableaumapping.bi as the datasets start to roll in.

See you Monday!

Craig Bloodworth

York, UK

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