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The Information Lab is hiring!

As Tableau’s popularity in the UK increases, so has demand for our training and consultancy services! Plenty of repeat business with our existing clients, along with engagements from many new Tableau users means we are now actively looking for additional people to join our team.

If you’re as enthusiastic about Tableau and Business Intelligence as we are then take a look at the job description below. If you want to know more or make an application drop us a line at info@theinformationlab.co.uk


Tableau Consultant – The Information Lab

A Tableau Consultant at The Information Lab has a very focussed job description.  You will be become the best Tableau Consultant you can be (and possibly one of the best in the industry) and you will then deploy that knowledge to help clients make the most of Tableau in their organisations.  There is no (upper) limit to how skilled we expect you to become with Tableau software – emulating the Tableau Zen Masters is probably where you should be aiming.

You’ll be advising clients on Tableau license purchases, providing Tableau training and consulting on every aspect of the Tableau product suite – and you’ll be building data sources suitable for analysis with Tableau.

We work for a wide variety of companies, including some of the world’s largest such as Barclays, Unilever and Anglo American – and also some of the world’s most fun, such as Lucky Voice Karaoke Bars.

Your background and attributes

You will probably have worked in a consulting role of some sort in the past – either for a consulting company, or as an internal consultant in a larger organisation.  This will have given you experience of working on many simultaneous projects and being able to achieve a great deal in a short time frame.  You will also have fulfilled roles as a data analyst or reporting specialist of some kind.

You will have a broad technical background, meaning that you’re as confident extracting data from a legacy mainframe system as working with the latest release of SQL server.
You’re happy to present to clients, run workshops and speak up when something needs saying.  You don’t say yes to everything, but challenge the status quo when appropriate.  You believe knowledge should be shared whenever possible and are happy to run classroom style training sessions.

We’re unlikely to tell you exactly how to do your job, so it’s important to demonstrate that you can be a self starter – of course you’ll get huge amounts of support, but exactly how you become awesome at your job is up to you.

Your current skills

You have a serious interest in data visualisation, and probably have more than one book by Stephen Few or Edward Tufte on your bookshelf. You laugh a little when someone shows you a doughnut chart, spider diagram or 3D pie chart.

You have been working with SQL based technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL etc. for 2 years or more and are confident you can write a query to produce just about any data set.  You may have experience in tools for data management such as SSIS, Talend or Jitterbit – and are confident in database design.

You will have worked with a variety of reporting or data analysis tools in the past, such as Excel, SSRS, Qlikview or Business Objects.

You will have been working with Tableau desktop and server for more than a year and are likely to have developed a real passion for working with this software.  If you think your current role is not allowing you to have as much focus on Tableau as you would like, then this could be the opportunity for you.

What will you be doing day to day?

The Information Lab itself does not have its own office but has a base at a beautiful business club in Central London. The majority of our work is undertaken at client office locations, 70% of which are based within London, and the remainder are elsewhere over the UK, so expect a fair amount of train travel.

When not working on a client project, you will be mastering Tableau and other associated technologies, and sharing your new found knowledge with the world through our blog and other social media channels. Most of our team choose to carry out these duties whilst working from home, but all are welcome to work at the business club any time.

We attend all of the Tableau conferences (some of our team have been to the last 6), so you’ll be expected to combine travel with learning (and some fun) twice a year.

What to do now?

If you fit the description above and are looking for a new challenge, please let us know by emailing info@theinformationlab.co.uk – we’ll probably meet you for coffee and see where the conversations leads.  Send us a CV if you have one, but your Linked In page will be just fine too.

NO AGENCIES PLEASE – We don’t use recruitment agencies, so please don’t call us.

Robin Kennedy

London, UK

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