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Fresh Produce: Tableau Blogs from across the lands

Every day before the sun has risen, all across the land there are creators toiling away, nurturing their sites and blogs with some of the best content on Tableau, Data Visualization and more. Here at The Information Lab, we’ve been out in the fields gathering a fresh crop of Tableau goodness so we can deliver it straight to your door.




Bursting with fresh ideas and guaranteed to provide your RDI of Tableau goodness, here are some of the latest additions to our Tableau Hub to feed your head:


Tableau Blogs

Data with a French Flair


See large data sets worked into compelling visualisations. A French ex-pat based in the UK, Vincent Flores’ blog approaches current affairs in France, Europe and the World with light humour and a certain je ne sais quoi.


Tableau Friction


A Tableau blog that explores the not-so-easy aspects of working with Tableau. Written by Chris Gerrard, a BI consultant and software purist who cares enough to share some of the speed-bumps he encounters with Tableau. See also his companion blog ‘Better BI’, which has a lot on Tableau too.


Drawing With Numbers


Tableau Zen Master and general man-of-many-talents, Jonathan Drummey brings us a fresh and well thought-out blog in which he shares his experience of Tableau, effortlessly teaching us through his own explorations and musings along the way.




From the generous sprinkling of cult film and TV references to the Metallicanalysis, this blog from Tableau Zen Master and self-branded Heavy Metal Solutions Consultant definitely has the volume set at 11 – in fact someone should put a Parental Advisory sticker on it. Something of a ‘lifehacker’ for Tableau, this is an epic resource to help you tackle the Kraken alive.


Fonseca Data Science


Data science, visual analytics, Tableau and the 2012 US election come together in a vibrant swirl from one of the first Tableau certified professionals in the States, Leigh Fonseca.



Data Visualisation Resources

Eager Eyes


More than a blog, EagerEyes is Robert Kosara’s place to reflect on the world of information visualization and visual communication of data. The goal is to help digest things that are happening in the field and discuss developments that may be tangential or early, but that are likely to have an impact.



Still hungry?

Head to our Tableau Hub for links to more fantastic content. We’ve included the RSS links too.

Craig Bloodworth

York, UK

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