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Connect to a Database without Specifying a Table [Video]

Do you find it slightly frustrating in Tableau when connecting to your database that you must specify a table? What if your server address is ‘AGST-11DS.eu11-amazonsomethingorother.aws.com’, are you really going to type that out every single time you want to create a new connection? You could have a little text file on your desktop acting as your database directory from where you copy the address from before pasting it into Tableau. But that’s not very Tableau is it? That’s not putting you connection right at your fingertips.

Thankfully with a little easy xml editing you can create your own tds file which takes you to your database but stops short of connecting to a table. And here’s how:

Easy right? Don’t have SQL? Give it a try with any of Tableau’s connection types and post a comment of how you got on.

Craig Bloodworth

York, UK

2 thoughts on “Connect to a Database without Specifying a Table [Video]

  1. Nice share, Zen Master! One thing I add in some of my training – IF you have multiple databases on a single Server, you can keep copying the updated .tds file, changing only the ‘formatted-name=’ and ‘dbname=’ variables, to create a series of datasources, quickly. Hmmmm… Thinking next step might be a batch file – Server as parameter, to do them all.

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