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Using INDEX to create a rank in Tableau – Within a Category (Video)

This video is the second in a series of videos which aim to explain the use of the index() function in Tableau – specifically for using it to provide a rank of data points.

If you are new to the subject, and have not yet watched the first video, I suggest you go here first:



In the second video, we demonstrate how to make the rank value restart within a new category.



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Tom Brown

London, UK

3 thoughts on “Using INDEX to create a rank in Tableau – Within a Category (Video)

  1. Thanks for the great video, but this doesn’t seem to work unless the rows are sorted. How would one set it up so that if the rows are jumbled up the rank value would still be correct?

    1. I dont think it can be done with this version of Tableau. Also what is not possible is to rank multiple metrics. There is a blog post out there which teaches a trick or two using the index and look up functions together but it only addresses different ranking functions like standard or dense ranking and still suffers from the sorting issue. Tableau 8.1 solves the issue by supporting ranking functions now.

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