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If building data visualisations were in the Olympics…


I would bet on Tableau.  I just built these four views for some training material, in 12 minutes.  I felt compelled to mention it.  Thanks Tableau.









Tom Brown

London, UK

3 thoughts on “If building data visualisations were in the Olympics…

  1. Tom,

    This is great and provides me with some great ideas for a training session I'll be running at the next ATUG meeting. The idea I have for the course is to rapidly identify insights. Creating these four views would prove the power of tableau, just as you've indicated.

    Good stuff!


  2. Glad they helped you Andy. It's sort of fun to do things so quickly, but actually it's a non-trivial side of the brilliance of tableau.

    By doing the basics so quickly, I have time for the hard stuff without working my weekends.

    Doesn't explain why I still work my weekends, but you probably get the point!


  3. Tom;

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