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Learn Tableau

We have trained over 2000 people in Tableau, and expect to train many more during 2015 and beyond

Tableau is a simple product to learn, but there is still no doubt that a focussed period of training can ensure your license investment translates into a success story at your organisation. Our onsite courses cover all the Tableau functionality you would expect, and also include a healthy dose of theory about best practice in data visualisation.

To learn more about the courses we offer as well as a schedule of public classroom courses please take a look at our training section.

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We have introduced Tableau to more organisations than any other European partner

We can help you make the right license choices for Tableau software.Having worked closely with Tableau since 2008 and being involved in more than 50 Tableau implementations our product knowledge is extensive.

This knowledge helps us match your requirements with a perfect mix of Tableau licences.

Clients choosing to purchase Tableau through The Information Lab receive extensive pro-active support. This has resulted in successful Tableau deployments time after time.

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We have been developing interactive dashboards and reporting solutions with Tableau Software since 2009

Our consultants have helped many organisations develop reporting solutions in Tableau. We have built suites of reports in industries as diverse as energy trading, healthcare, travel and professional service organisations.In addition to being expert Tableau users, our team members share a knowledge and passion for data visualisation. This ensures that the reports we develop communicate a consistent message which informs and engages the audience.

Working with Tableau professionals to develop your reporting solution can inject energy into your reporting programme and serve as an additional training solution for your existing team.


Well organised data sources can hugely increase the value of your investment in Tableau software.

Visual analysis and reporting sounds great in theory, but what if your data is not organised to support these tools? Your data may be out of reach, it may be in the cloud, or just structured in a way that makes it hard for you to bring your analytical skills into play.Consultants from The Information Lab are experts in data transformation, data cleansing and in building data sources optimised for analysis with Tableau.

We take a pragmatic approach to organising your data, we’ll only recommend complex data warehousing where absolutely necessary in order to keep your projects as short and valuable as possible.