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Monitoring your Tableau Server using Pulseway

Posted by on Oct 17, 2014

Tableau Server is one of those beautiful server applications that you just install, occasionally update, but for the most part just let it run and do its thing. Trouble is, its thing is making it super simple for people in your company with data to share their insight and develop understanding of how the company’s performing. So people tend to start using it quite a lot and begin to rely on its 100% uptime. So when the unforeseen does happen what can you do to be a step ahead of those emails complaining of problems? Detecting Underlying Issues At The Information Lab our consulting team...

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Tableau Boosts Marathon Runner Performance

Posted by on Oct 13, 2014

OK so the title of this blog post sounds a little like something out of the Sunday tabloids but it is something we want to shout throughout the streets. You see us data folks aren’t usually known for our athleticism, or at least that’s what people tend to think. Tom’s a regular on the squash & tennis courts, Emanuele & Andrew can be found on the 5-a-side pitch each week and we have not one but TWO marathon runners in Chris Love and Tim Ngwena with Emma Whyte poised to explore 26 miles of Manchester next year. Yorkshire Marathon 2014 This past weekend Tim took on the...

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Getting into the Undocumented Tableau Server API

Posted by on Sep 10, 2014

Before we start to take a look at getting into the Tableau Server API let’s take a look at what’s possible… Quick Access to your Workbooks & Data Sources Do you use Google Chrome & love Tableau Server, Public and/or Online? You can go get the Google Chrome Extension for Tableau Server Publish Data Directly from Alteryx Have Alteryx Designer? Want to get your data directly into Tableau Server from your module’s workflow? You’re going to want our Alteryx Tools for Tableau How to Get Started So how’s it best to get started? First of all download...

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On the Road with Tableau 8.2

Posted by on Sep 1, 2014

Over the next 5 weeks we’ll be on the road with Tableau taking 8.2 across the EU. The tour starts off in Copenhagen before heading to Munich, followed by London, Amsterdam and Dublin finishing in the French capital of Paris. Click here to book your place, but before you do find out who you’re going to meet… Who can I talk to? Copenhagen – 2 September 2014 Jonathan MacDonald Jonathan’s just spent 6 months helping UBS set up their Tableau Centre of Excellence. Want to know about getting Tableau into the enterprise? He’s your man! Matthew Reeve Do you have Tableau...

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Mapping UK Airspace

Posted by on Aug 29, 2014

As somebody who’s always fascinated by the possibilities & potential of combining mapping and data visualisation knowing somebody who has some fun geo-data leads to some interesting discussions. Knowing somebody who works for the popular European airline Easyjet leads to hours spent thinking of all the possibilities. In one of our more recent discussions Paul Chapman told me: “Britain has the most crowded airspace in Europe. In July there are typically 30,000 which overfly European airspace with one in four of these flying over the UK. The total distance flown by these aircraft is...

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