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Tableau Server security risk – upgrade ASAP!



On Friday 11th January 2013, Tableau released a new version of Tableau V7 – version 7.0.12

This version includes an important security patch for Tableau server (Versions 7.0 and higher).  The patch addresses multiple vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails code, an open source web development framework that is a component of the Tableau Server architecture.

Tableau strongly recommends upgrading to Tableau Server version 7.0.12 as soon as possible, particularly if your Tableau server is internet facing.

For a detailed description of the vulnerabilities, see the Ruby on Rails website:



The Information Lab can help


If you do not have the skills or resources available to perform this upgrade quickly, we are standing by to do it for you.

To make this simple, we are offering a fixed price upgrade service – allowing Tableau server users to address this issue quickly and with as little downtime as possible.

Our charges and exceptions to this offer are listed below – please contact us using info@theinformationlab.co.uk or 08453 888 289 to arrange your upgrade.


Upgrade performed remotely


Upgrade performed at your office


plus travel expenses




Unfortunately, we have to make the following exclusions for this offer.  Please contact us if these exclusions apply to you as we’ll be happy to discuss your situation.

  • This offer applies to single server installations only.  Please contact us if you need to upgrade a multi server or high availability configuration of Tableau


  • This offer also only applies to upgrades from Version 7.0.x to version 7.0.12.  Again, please contact us if you are using an earlier version, or are unsure what version you are using.


This offer is made subject to our standard terms and conditions and is subject to availability.

Tom Brown

London, UK

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