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Tableau version 8 – Coming soon

8Tableau Software will be unleashing the latest version of their award winning software during Q1 of 2013.  This release sets a new bar for the Business Intelligence industry, bringing over 120 updates.  Tableau introduces some un expected new game changers such as web and mobile authoring!


In brief, you should expect to see:

  • New visualisation types such as tree maps and word clouds
  • Freeform, pixel perfect dashboards with floating objects (see this example)
  • Built in forecasting
  • New connections to Google Analytics, Salesforce.com & Google BigQuery
  • Web and mobile authoring
  • The introduction of API’s to control the server and data extract processes


Tableau have published the following two pdf documents giving more detail on the great features you can expect.


Download them here



Coming soon in desktop V8

Coming soon in server V8

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